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Mobile Phone Technology for the Future of Business


Attract a freshnew generation of engaging customers

Gen-Z and Millennial customers love their mobile devices and can really help your business to pivot and grow, based on the increased sales, data, and insights they provide. Our Group Cluster Plan for £49p/m is designed for small businesses to share the PointsBank mobile digital loyalty card technology among themselves and reap the rewards of shared customer sales, data, and loyalty reward incentives.

Gen-Z appreciates personalized experiences tailored to their individual preferences. Our technology allows them to earn extra loyalty points or rewards when shopping more, referring friends, sharing promotions on social media, or participating in community challenges.

PointsBank Group Cluster Plan *Reviews

"Our customers love the convenience of mobile digital loyalty cards, and we've seen a significant increase in customer retention. PointsBank is a game-changer!"


Fitness Shop

"PointsBank has helped us create a loyal customer base. The personalized offers and rewards keep our customers coming back. We couldn't be happier. And our customer love it!"


Custom Fashion Retail

"Our customer loyalty has soared. The mobile digital loyalty cards have made it easier for our customers to earn and redeem rewards. It's a win-win for us and our customers!"


Health Supplier

"Our recurring sales have really skyrocketed. The mobile digital loyalty cards just added a new level of convenience and excitement we were missing. Highly recommended!"


Boutique Store

Everyone has their
Mobile Phones with them. So now you can gain access to NEW customers!

Mobile technology-driven Experience

unlimited value

Creative Rewards and Incentives

unlimited value

Shared data insights and analytics

unlimited value

Social Engagement and Reviews

unlimited value

WeShopit International Marketplace Listing

unlimited value

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Unlock this super-power feature and add it to your plan now. Remember, this discount price will not be available on the next page. Geo-location push notifications mean that anytime customers walk or drive by your business address or location, an automatic promotional message or offer about your business or brand will appear on their device within 330 feet, even on their locked screen. Really powerful...

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